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How to create a Favicon

Every wonder how to make those favicon.ico images that appear besides your site name, or how to get rid of the 404 error messages "GET /favic on.ico HTTP/1.1" or [error] [client 192.168.1.] File does not exist in your error logs.

The Favicon (Favourite Icon) is recognized by most modern browsers and is automatically fetched on each request to a site. The properties of a favic on is either 16x16 pixels (default) or 32x32 using either 8-bit or 24-bit colors. the format when completed is either a PNG format W3C standard, GIF or ICO.

Creating an image

A favicon is a visual identity that is attached to your website. Creating this image can be done quite easily using open source tools.

Creating the image using GIMP is fairly straightforward, depending on how much of an artis you are will depend how long this step will take. Once yo u have an image with the deminsion metioned above you should save the image as a pnm format. This format should be used so that netpbm can easily convert to the fin al favicon image

Converting the Image

Once you have the image use the netpbm package to convert the image.
command: (done from unix command line)

ppmtowinicon -output favicon.ico input file.pnm (your file that you save from above).

Add the Favicon image to your Website

To add your final "favicon.ico" to your website place the image in the root of your directory tree and or add the following url to your web pages.

Open Site Solutions

Informing about integrators, hardware and Open Source applications that can be used as alternatives to commercial properiertary software. Open source solutions are comprised of different software applications bundled together to create a unique and most times better solution than commercial software.

Open Source software

Open source is not freeware or shareware. Open Source software is built from a community of developers committed to a common goal who then make the source code and program available to download allowing modifications and contributions back into the source code.