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DNS Integrators
  • OpenNIC stands for Open Network Information Center. The OpenNIC project is a major part of the global network of autonomous user controlled DNS servers working in a co-operative effort to provide a non-national, alternative Domain Name System that encompasses and expands upon the legacy Domain Name System.
    • Alternative Top Level Domain (alt-TLD) Sponsorship;>
    • Domain name resolution for OpenNIC sponsored alt-TLDs (i.e. .free, .geek, .oss, etc..);
    • Domain name resolution for alt-TLDs sponsored by other alt-DNS networks with which the OpenNIC maintains Peering Relationships;
    • A forum that serves as the de jure and de facto educational/hobbyist nexus for people interested in learning how to setup an alt-DNS server, provide resolution of alt-TLDs, and create, setup, and manage alt-TLDs.
    • Development of open source software specific to the alt-DNS.
    • An opportunity to be a part of the bleeding edge of the evolutionary step the Internet and the Domain Name System.
    • And last but not least, reliable and secure domain name resolution of all legacy Top Level Domains (i.e. .com, .net, .org, .edu, etc..)
  • Granite Canyon The Public DNS Service is a public service provided by Granite Canyon Group, LLC. The Service offers both primary and secondary DNS free of charge to anyone who asks. The Service maintains UPS protected FreeBSD servers that satisfy DNS queries. The servers are geographically separated and all are connected to the Internet via 7x24 dedicated lines with disjoint routes to the Internet's North American backbones.
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    Informing about integrators, hardware and Open Source applications that can be used as alternatives to commercial properiertary software. Open source solutions are comprised of different software applications bundled together to create a unique and most times better solution than commercial software.

    Open Source software

    Open source is not freeware or shareware. Open Source software is built from a community of developers committed to a common goal who then make the source code and program available to download allowing modifications and contributions back into the source code.